Hair Dye Brands For African American Women

by Melissa Anderson on January 27, 2012

African American women are coloring their hair more than ever before due to the abundance of hair dye brands out there specifically designed for their hair type. And why not? Hair color is great for covering up gray hair, or just changing up your look, and with great products out there, it’s easier for African American women to color their hair at home.

It is important to note that the texture of hair that many women of color have is naturally curly. This means that hair is drier and can be very fragile, so it’s important to choose the right brand and color to get the best results. The best rule to follow, as with any coloring job, is not to go over three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

If you also chemically process your hair, either with relaxers or perms, it is especially important to use the right hair coloring kit. Because these chemicals break down the protein in the hair, it leaves the hair very fragile and vulnerable to breakage.

For at-home coloring jobs, it is best to stick with a temporary or semi-permanent color or color rinses. Because these products generally do not use ammonia and peroxide (or use very low levels), and only the top layer of the hair is colored, there will be less damage to the hair shaft than with a permanent color.

African American women who do choose to color their hair at home have many options, and it is best to stick with a coloring kit that caters to your hair type, as this will not only give you the best results, but do less damage to your hair. Here are some popular hair dye brands for African American hair.


Mizani offers a complete line of hair care products for textured hair. Its color kit is specifically designed for women of color. Their
Beyond Conditioning Crème Permanent Hair color is specially designed for hair that is partially relaxed, or that has been in any way chemically treated. These products tend to be a little pricy and can be found in some drugstores as well as beauty supply stores.

Dark and Lovely

This brand offers several great hair coloring kits for African American hair that has been chemically treated. They offer shades from golden blonde to jet black, and also is also gentle on the hair. Dark and Lovely coloring kits can be found at most stores and at $7 a box, it’s a great bargain as well!

Clairol Textures & Tones

Clairol is a very popular brand, and their Textures & Tones collection was specially formulated for women of color. This is a permanent hair color and offers 14 shades from blonde to brunette. It is also okay on relaxed or natural hair does not include ammonia. Theses can also be found in most drugstores and retail for about $7 a box.

Creme of Nature

Creme of Nature uses organic ingredients in their hair dyes. A popular brand for women of color, Creme of Nature offers 15 different shades from Ginger Blonde, to Ragin’ Red, all the way to Soft Black. This brand also moisturizes the hair as it colors, so that it leave the hair soft and shiny. It’s great for dramatic looks and typically lasts for about 6 weeks. They retail for around $6 a box.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge with coloring your hair, it’s important to maintain and care for your hair afterwards. It’s best to use moisturizing shampoos and deep conditioners to prevent damage and keep your hair healthy. By choosing the right color and brand, and taking care of your hair, you can have beautifully colored hair that lasts!

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